Most Beautiful Villages Andorra

The Most Beautiful Mountain Villages in Andorra

Andorra has many small villages, filled with restaurants, shopping malls, tourist attractions and beautiful nature and surroundings. Visiting the Andorra and its towns brings a feeling of peace and tranquillity, because of the secluded locations. If you happen to stay in El Tarter, Canillo, then we recommend you to read this blog since there is information about them too. 

If you are interested in the most beautiful mountain villages of Andorra, scroll below. In this blog, we will provide you with information about this list of cities and villages in Andorra:

List of Cities, Parishes & Towns


Ordino is a pretty little village in Andorra, located 1,300 metres above sea level, in the north of the country. In the village, there are cute stone buildings that are typically Andorran, and in the summer, they have a roof of pink leaves from the blossoms while having a drink in the sun on a terrace. 

The village is known as the cultural capital of Andorra and is approximately 25 minutes away by car. The locals like to spend their weekends here. Ordino has museums which make it an interesting place for travellers, and a must-see is the house of Areny-Plandolit and the House of Rossell, which shows the life in the region from the fifteenth century until now. There is also a post museum which is a building with cultural aspects in a Pyrenean typical style, with balconies covered in flowers.

The Most Beautiful Mountain Villages in Andorra. Ordino Andorra


Canillo is a mountainous village in the northwest of Andorra and it is the capital of the largest parish in the country. It is also an opening to the Grandvalira ski area, together with El Tarter and Soldeu.

Because it is high above sea level, it is one of the coldest places in Andorra and it is covered in a blanket of snow the most times of the year. Top attractions in Canillo are the Sanctuary of Meritxell and the Church of Sant Joan de Caselles, which are both important Romanesque churches.

Canillo offers plenty of shops, hotels, restaurants, and some tourist attractions, which makes it a good place to stay with family or friends. One of the attractions not to miss is the Pont Tibetà Canillo (Tibeten walking bridge).

The Most Beautiful Mountain Villages in Andorra. Canillo Andorra


Encamp is one of the parishes in Andorra, with 11,800 inhabitants. The centre of the municipality lies at 1,300 meters above sea level. Encamp is only 10km away from the capital of Andorra, Andorra La Vella. The parish that includes Encamp is also a part of Pas de La Casa. 

Encamp has succeeded in combining modernity and tradition in its historic centre, since you can find Romanesque buildings next to 21st century buildings. Encamp is at the foot of the pistes, which results in Encamp being seen as an important summer and winter sports center. In the Encamp area, there are intense days but with quiet nights, which allows you to come to rest. Because of this, Encamp is a great destination to stay for holidays with friends, family, or for business trips. 

In the parish, you can visit Iglesa de Santa Eulàlia Church, Iglesia de Sant Roma Church, National Musuem of the Automobile, the Ethnographic Museum Casa Cristo, the Museum of Religious Art, the Electricity Museum, and the Moli del Guillén.

The Most Beautiful Mountain Villages. Encamp

El Tarter

El Tarter is a small village (population of 1,678) at 1,710 meters altitude, approximately 1.5km from Soldeu in the direction of Spain. It offers a laid back holiday experience than the neighbouring areas of Soldeu, with a handful of restaurants and bars. El Tarter is a popular spot for families because of the diverse selection of self-catering restaurants, and there are also good quality hotels with easy access to the slopes. Furthermore, for single travellers or those on a budget, there are some great hostels in town. 

A couple popular spots in El Tarter are Dylan’s which is a modern restaurant, cocktail bar and chill out bar, as well as L’Abarset Restaurant which serves up traditional mountain dishes and is a very popular après ski venue which also hosts live music and events. Parking in El Tarter can be difficult because of the narrowness of the streets, but there is a car park in the town center by the old church, as well as a car park in the valley bottom. 

When staying in El Tarter, it offers all the basics needed for a relaxing snowboard or ski holiday and is within easy reach of Soldeu if you want to venture out during your stay.

The Most Beautiful Mountain Villages. El Tarter


Soldeu, with a high altitude that almost reaches 2,000 meters and its population of 1,109, offers a unique natural character in the parish of Canillo. It has an impressive landscape, that you cannot miss during your holidays in Andorra´s towns. Because of the high altitudes, the most important ski tourism area in the country is located here, which is the Grandvalira ski resort. 

In the summer months, Soldeu is home to sport-lovers, such as cycling and golf. There is a bike park, and if you like golf, then a must-visit is the Golf track of Soldeu, the highest course in Europe. Furthermore, for night-life fans, Soldeu is one of the liveliest towns in Andorra, since it features some of the most outstanding venues in the country. 

In Soldeu, there is a great range of hotels to stay in, even at the foot of the slopes. For all these reasons, staying in Soldeu will bring you a memorable experience when visiting. 

The Most Beautiful Mountain Villages. Soldeu

Andorra la Vella

Andorra La Vella, with its population of 22,000, is the biggest town of the country. It is located in the high east Pyrenees, between France and Spain. Being at an elevation of 1,023 m (3,356 ft), it is the highest capital city in Europe and a popular ski resort. Popular attractions in Andorra la Vella are Museu Casa d’Areny-Plandolit, Casa de la Vall, Piazza della Rotonda, Museu Nacional de l’Automobil, Església Sant Romà de les Bons, Coma Pedrosa, Capella de St. Andreu, Esglesia de Santa Coloma, Santuari de Nostra Senyora de Meritxell, Esglesia de Sant Joan. de Caselles, and many more. Furthermore, there are activities in golf, hiking, cycling, parks, and spas. In short, in a stay in Andorra La Vella will never be boring.  

The Most Beautiful Mountain Villages. Andorra La Vella

Pas de La Casa

Pas de La Casa has an elevation of 2,408 metres (7,900 ft) and a population of 2,996 people. In winter, Pas de la Casa has wide slopes at all different levels so that everyone can enjoy the best that winter sports have to offer.

The town is also known for its endless shop windows with the best prices, and is considered one of the best areas of Andorra for shopping. Its nightlife is promising in Pas de La Casa: with its pubs and large parties, it really is one of the most attractive sectors for young people. 

Pas de La Casa translates to ´the pass of the house´ and refers to the fact that until the 20th century, there was only one single shepherd´s hut overlooking the pass. The pass marks the watershed of the Pyrenees, being the only point in Andorra where water drains into the Atlantic Ocean. 

The Most Beautiful Mountain Villages. Pas de la Casa

Grau Roig

The Grau Roig sector’s views and landscapes are some of the wildest and most spectacular in the whole of Andorra. Activities include going to Circ de Pessons and Mirador Col de Pessons. Grau Roig is great for winter sports. It has al altitude of 2100 meters.

The Most Beautiful Mountain Villages in Andorra. Grau Roig

Bordes d’ Envalira

Bordes de Envalira is a town located in the parish or community of Canillo. Since it is at an altitude between 1,900 and 1,980 meters above sea level, it is practically uninhabited. The only existing buildings belong to the hotel infrastructures in the area. Staying in Bordes d´Envalira offers you great opportunities to enjoy the nature in all its peace. 

The Most Beautiful Mountain Villages in Andorra. Bordes d´Envalira


Incles is a very small town in Andorra, in the parish of Canillo. In 2015, it counted 330 inhabitants. The Incles Valley is one of the privileged natural sites that Andorra offers to the visitors. It is located between the towns of El Tarter and Canillo. The altitude in the valley is at 2,261 metres. The summer shows the beauty of the landscape, flora, and fauna in all its splendor. In autumn, the colors change, and transforms meadows and forests into a chromatic spectacle of great beauty and attractive landscapes. 

Summer is the busiest season of the Incles Valley, and access to vehicles is closed to preserve the rest and beauty of the country. 

The Most Beautiful Mountain Villages in Andorra. Incles

Sant Julià de Lòria

Sant Julià de Lòria, with 9,207 inhabitants, is located in the south of Andorra, on land with the lowest altitude in the entire country. In fact, its average elevation does not exceed 1,000 meters of altitude, and the highest point is only 908 meters. Because of this, Sant Julià enjoys a more temperate environment and much less harsh winters than the rest of the country´s parishes. The parish is connected to Spain, as La Seu is only eight kilometers away from Andorra. 

Sant Julià de Lòria perfectly combines nature and rest thanks to its wide range of sports, leisure, and culture. It is a city with a modern atmosphere, which keeps few vestiges of its past. The parish capital of Sant Julià de Lòria is located at an altitude of 908 meters, located on the right bank of the Gran Valira. This can be crossed by the La Fontaneda Bridge , to reach the Puig d’Olivesa, a promontory about 100 meters high, on the top of which houses the Chapel of Sant Meteu , one of the oldest in the principality.

Some of the most interesting places in Sant Julia de Loria are the Church of Sant Cerni de Nagol, the Canolich Sanctuary, Naturlandia, the Puente de la Margineda, and the Tobacco Museum.

The Most Beautiful Mountain Villages in Andorra. Sant Julia de Loria

Pal Andorra

The same as Canillo, Pal is only 25-minutes away from the capital of Andorra, La Vella. Pal has a romantic sphere, because of the beautiful nature and strong buildings. Pal is located in Andorra in the La Massana parish, which is on the west side of the country. It is surrounded by high cliffs and pine forests and it is home to the Pal-Arinsal ski resort, which is part of the Vallnord ski area. 

A must visit is the Sant Slimane de Pal church, which dates back to the 11th century, making it one of the oldest Roman buildings in the country.  Furthermore, you can find the Interpretation Centre of Roman arts in Pal, which represents Roman art through the time in Andorra through audiovisuals and exhibitions. You can visit the place and go there by yourself, or you can opt for a guided tour. The duration of the tour is 45 minutes, and you can choose multiple languages. Pal´s beautiful nature and surroundings make it the perfect place for your stay. 

The Most Beautiful Mountain Villages in Andorra. Pal Andorra


Bixessari can be found in Andorra in the parish of Sant Julià de Lòria, in the southwest of the country. The most picturesque in the whole country is the bubbling mountain stream which runs right through the middle of the small town. There aren’t many attractions in the village, apart from the Iglesia San Esteve de Bixessarri church, but the reason to visit is the beauty of the village itself. 

The Most Beautiful Mountain Villages in Andorra. Bixessarri Andorra

La Massana

La Massana is located in the western part of Andorra, and the high mountain Parrish is the highest peak in the whole country. It is called the Alto de Comapedrosa, and it is 2,943 metres of altitude. The same as Bexissarri, La Massana does not have many attractions, but it has the best hotels and restaurants in the country. The must-sees in the country are the Sant Antoni de la Grella Bridge, the city centre of La Massana, the towns of Sispony, the Church of Sant Joan and Casa Rull, and a couple of things more. 

La Massana is mainly popular during the winter since the Vallnord ski resort receives many visitors in this season because of the winter sports for the whole family. During the summer, La Massana offers a wide range of activities, such as horseback riding, hiking, canyoning, mountain biking, and 4×4 routes. Night Activities include pubs, clubs, bars, and a lively atmosphere in the city centre. 

For all these reasons, La Massana makes the ideal holiday destination.

The Most Beautiful Mountain Villages in Andorra. La Massana Andorra

Les Bons

Les Bons is a village in the parish of Encamp in Andorra. It is known as the museum village in Andorra, and Les Bons is just 15 minutes away from the capital of the country. Les Bons still has its charm from the important periods that originate from the Iberian Peninsula. In Les Bons, there is a great Arab bath ¨Reina Mora¨as well as the old medieval wall with its ancient castle. When wanting to go back in time, Les Bons is a great village. 

The Most Beautiful Mountain Villages in Andorra. Les Bons Andorra


The enchanting village of Meritxell in Andorra is the home of the most known sanctuary in Andorra that was built in the 70s. Firstly, it was a sanctuary with ancient architecture created by Ricardo Bofill, but now it is a modern building. The name Meritxell is a name referring to the Lady of Meritxell, who is a patron saint of Andorra.

The Most Beautiful Mountain Villages in Andorra. Sanctuary Meritxell Andorra


Anyós is located in the parish of La Massana and it is 1 km from the town of La Massana. Anyós has an elevation of 1,299 meters, and it is situated close by El Cortalet and close to Sispony. There are several Unesco World Heritage Sites nearby the village, such as the Madriu-Perafita-Claror Valley in a distance of 7 kilometers southeast. When being in Anyós, you can also visit La Massana, Ordino, Andorra La Vella, Les Escaldes, and Encamp. 

In Anyós, a unique church can be found. The church was built in the 12th century on a small plateau, and the temple and its Romanesque structure are still preserved well. Thanks to its strategic location, you can enjoy panoramic views of the valleys of Escales-Engordany, Sispony, Ordino, and La Massana.

The Most Beautiful Mountain Villages of Andorra. Anyos Andorra


Sispony, together with Anyós are two of the seven quarters of La Massana. Sispony has diverse interesting things to visit, such as architectural art and native gourmet products. In Sispony, the Casa Rull Museum is located, which is one of the most important houses from the Andorra of yesteryear. In the museum, you can get an insight into the life of wealthy farmers who owned much of the land, in a period where agriculture and livestock were the basis Andorran economy. A visit to the museum is complemented by an audiovisual guide which, together with the interpretive signs during your visit, will take you back in time to a period in which heirs, heiresses, and knights lived in the house.

The Most Beautiful Mountain Villages of Andorra. Sispony Andorra


Llorts is a town in Andorra, belonging to the parish of Ordino. It is located at 1,413 meters above sea level, between Arans and Ansalonga. In 2015, it had 162 inhabitants. 

In Llorts and the whole other of Andorra, iron was the most important economic activities in the country from the beginning of the 17th century until the end of the 19th century. At the Llorts Mine, you can learn about the process of evolution and transformation of iron, from the prospecting and extraction of the mineral to to the preparation and forcing process. You can enter the tunnels of the mine, which is a 30 meters long route of history and culture. This visit is made only between the months of June and October.

The Most Beautiful Mountain Villages of Andorra. Llorts

Other Andorran towns and cities: 


  • Altitude of between 1550 and 2560 meters
  • Population of 1,722
  • In the summer Arinsal is home to walkers and bikers, as well as those who just want to relax in the mountain scenery. In the winter, it offers skiing and snowboarding for beginners, as well as a good selection of runs for intermediates.

Les Escaldes

  • Altitude of 1,053 meters
  • Population of 15,853
  • Les Escaldes is home to the spa resort Caldea.

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Where to stay during your village trips in Andorra?

Now that you are up to date with the most beautiful mountain villages in Andorra, you must be wondering about a place to stay. Staying in the villages of Andorra will never be boring, such as in El Tarter or Canillo.

From the Kokono Rentals Team, we hope to see you soon and be part of your stay in Andorra!

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