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The Mountains of Andorra Hiking & Mountain Biking in Nature (7)

When renting an Andorra Vacation Rental, it is good to know that apart from the great restaurants and winter sports activities, Andorra’s nature is the most beautiful aspect of the whole country. Being home to a diverse ecosystem and spectacular landscapes, Andorra offers many ways to discover the country’s natural wonders, such as trekking and hiking in The Pyrenees. All bordered by beautiful mountains and nature, and being blessed with a near-perfect climate throughout the seasons, makes it the perfect destination to explore. In this blog, we will cover the best hiking routes, such as:

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Hiking in Andorra. The Iron Route (Llorts-La Cortinada)

The Iron Route (Llorts-La Cortinada)

Level: Easy
Duration: 4.24 km.
Slope: 101 m.
Height Difference: +126 m / -22 m
Perfect for: families and casual hiking

On the interesting trail of the Iron Route, mines, the coal industry, forges, mining, and steel works are part of the many sightseeings.
Andorra is known for its iron production, and on this track, you will learn plenty about it. It delves into the history of Andorran procurement, processing, and marketing of iron from the 17th and 19th centuries. A guide is available for this route that results in an interesting walk that is suitable for everyone, combining landscape views, culture, and industrial history.
The trail, which connects to Llorts and ends in El Serrat, runs parallel to a river, passing through an iron mine, meadows, traditional huts, a Romanesque bridge, and the unique sculptures by French Rachid Khimoune. We believe this is one of the best hikes in Andorra.

Llac de Pessons / Lake Pessons Trail: Hiking Pyrenees

Level: Medium
Duration: 5.95 km.
Slope: 515 m.
Unevenness: +707m
Perfect for: Seasoned Hikers

Going up Port d’Envalira in the direction of France, exit Grau Roig car park (car park of the Cubil), if you then leave your car behind, near the heliport, the path to the Lakes of Pessons begins. This is where the hiking route starts nearby Andorra holiday rentals.

As soon as the route begins, there will be the steepest slope of the whole day (almost 200 m of unevenness in less than 2 kilometers) Then, you can follow the forest track that goes up to the first lake, the Estany. Primer de Pessons, where there is a small restaurant. Those who want to save energy can do this section in a 4×4 taxi paying 5 euros.
After another climb, you will arrive at Meligar Lake and carry on over a series of granite screes to Les Fonts Lake. From here on, the path climbs straighter. After, there is another lake, Cap dels Pessons, and after the path zigzags up to the Pessons mountain pass, a fantastic view of all of the lakes can be seen.

For your safety, we recommend you do the routes at altitudes of over 1,700 metres between the end of June and the end of September. However, if the weather and terrain conditions allow it, the season may extend from May to October.


Llac de Pessons - KOKONO Boutique BnB and B&B’s

Hiking in Andorra. Llac de Pessons

La Serrera Peak

Level: Difficult
Duration: 4.69 km.
Slope: 1.1 km.
Height Difference: +985 m
Perfect for: Seasoned/Advanced Hikers

La Serrera is probably one of the most popular peaks to climb in all of Andorra. Access is easy via the Ransol valley in the north of the country, near the town of Canillo. There is a tiny parking lot at the end of the paved road at a 1960 m elevation. The first half of the hike is said to be at an easy level, following a mountain stream up to more mountain lakes . However, as you head to the summit, the second half is more challenging.

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Hiking in Andorra. La Serrera Peak

Circular road of the Parish of Canillo

Level: Difficult
Duration: 32.7 km.
Slope: 1.9 km
Perfect for: Advanced hikers

The circular route in the Parish of Canillo will lead you through some of the most spectacular mountain sceneries of this area of the parish. Some of the most impressive sights along the route are the peaks of Casamanya, l´Estanyó, l´Alt Juglà and Escobes. It’s a calm area surrounded by mountains: the perfect place to enjoy nature in all its splendour. While walking, you will be surrounded by Scots pines, common brooms, common junipers. Birches, and alpine roses. Also, you might get a chance to see vultures, wood grouses, Pyrenean chamois, and roe deer.

Due to its circular course around the Parish, visitors can start from wherever they want and end their walk at any point of the route. It’s easily accessible for all levels and ages, but walking the entire route requires time, as well as being in good shape. Having a good sense of direction and being used to walking are also important.

Hiking in Andorra. Circular road of the Parish of Canillo

Andorra Hiking Trail: Coma Pedrosa

Level: Moderate
Duration: 7.5 km.
Ascend: 692 m
Perfect for: Seasoned Hikers

The total 13.7km hiking trail of Coma Pedrosa, which is near La Massana, is generally considered as a challenging route, since it takes an approximate seven hours to fully complete. It is a popular track for hiking, but you can still enjoy solitude during the quieter times of the day.

The hiking tour goes uphill first for a short distance in the Arinsal Valley to the Aigues Juntes. Passing by a water reservoir, it continues uphill, with beautiful views of the Pic de Alta Comosa, and reaches a bifurcation after crossing a cattle grid (Barrer d’Areny). There it leaves the gravel road and continues as a trail that approaches the valley bottom.

Hiking in Andorra. Coma Pedrosa

Estany de Siscaro: Best Hikes in Andorra

Level: Moderate
Duration: 3.58 km.
Height Difference: +500m / -10m
Perfect for: Seasoned Hikers

Andorra has many beautiful lakes and this is one of them. The route starts at the end of the road to the Incles Valley, after the Baladosa Bridge, in the parish of Canillo nearby Airbnb’s in Andorra.

The starting point of the excursion is the car park located at the end of the Incles Valley road (to get here by car you have to get to the valley before 9 in the morning, after that time access is closed and you have to do the 3km on foot or with a small paid tourist train).

The lake gets its name from the plant that grows within its waters (the siscall) which is what gives the characteristic color to its waters. Throughout the excursion you can see the typical flora of the area, including some beautiful orchids. And around the lake, in the rocky area, with a bit of luck you can see marmots.

More information can be found at the nearest local tourist office, or check out Andorra´s online hiking guide.

Llac de Pessons - KOKONO Boutique BnB and B&B’sHiking in Andorra. Estany de Siscaro

Where To Stay After Hiking?

With beautiful landscapes taking up 90% of the country, there are many Andorra hiking trails available that ensure you have a great time while exploring nature. When staying in a Ski Chalet in Andorra, El Tarter or a beautiful AirBnb in Andorra, this is a calming and nice activity to spend the day.

When looking for something else to do besides hiking and trekking, we recommend you to take a look at What to do in Andorra in Summer.

From the KOKONO team, we hope to be part of your journey and to see you soon in Andorra!


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