Most Beautiful Valleys of Andorra

Most Beautiful Mountain Valleys.

Andorra is a small country in the middle of the Pyrenees mountains, but despite the size of its territory, it offers a wide variety of activities and things to do: from winter snow sports, mountains to trek and climb, history, culture, restaurants, ski chalet style homes, and much more. However, a thing that is more common to do in spring and summer is hiking in one of the many valleys in between the tall Pyrenees Mountains. Staying in Andorra´s valleys offer you a moment of peace while walking through the beautiful and impressive natural landscapes. 

Does this sound appealing and would like to know more about the Andorran valleys, which ones are the best to visit and why? Then keep reading to find out more details about our valley selection listed below.

Vall De Ransol

Even though there isn’t much information to be found about the Val de Ransol, it is a fantastic place to start a walk or do other activities. At the end of the Ransol Valley, there is a free parking space and a lovely barbecue and picnic area, which can be found in the mountainous area. There are many walking routes in the valley that bring a great opportunity to take in the beautiful nature and enjoy the views. The Ransol valley is less popular than other valleys in Andorra, but this is an advantage since it will be less packed and it also results in less damage to the surroundings.

Most Beautiful Mountain Valleys. Vall del Ransol Andorra

Incles Valley Andorra

The Incles Valley Andorra is a beautiful natural scene, located between the towns of El Tarter and Canillo. It has a characteristic U shape since it was formed by an iceberg during the glacier era. At the open end, there is an open woodland with many trees, which gets colder as going further. While walking, visitors can enjoy the incredible grasslands as you make your way to the valley floor. 

You can enjoy the valley all year. Although typically June is the best month to go, when all snow has disappeared, the temperature has gone up a bit, and the landscape reveals itself, the valley is also magical in spring. When going in this season, it offers the opportunity to discover nature in its awakening phase. In Autumn, you can see the leaves changing colors and see forests and meadows transform into the different shades of nature, until the cold hands of winter touch nature and leaves behind a frosty winter wonderland.  

During summer, to preserve nature, Valle de Incles has closed off permission for vehicles. However, there is an electric golf buggy that goes over the valley floors that is available from the middle of June until the beginning of September, from 9 AM – 6 PM. Tickets for this can be bought at the information desk at the side of the car park.  

The Incles Valley has an incredibly diverse and extended environment and is accessible to anyone who wants to enjoy it peacefully, giving the mountain and nature around it respect, since natural ancestry is something we all must protect. 

Most Beautiful Mountain Valleys. Valle d´Incles

Madriu Perafita Claror Valley

The Madriu-Perafita-Claror Valley, which is located in the southeast of Andorra covering a wide area, is the second-largest watershed basin in Andorra, the heart of the Pyrenees. In the Vall Del Madriu, you can find many rare animal species, and it has become the spiritual heart of Andorra. The valley became Andorra´s first and only one UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2004. It covers a little more than 9% of the national territory, and a protective buffer zone of 4,092 ha surrounds the area.

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The Vall Del Madriu is a glacial landscape with cliffs, high grasslands, and of course, steep valleys. Further down the valley narrows and becomes a more forested landscape. The southern edge, which runs along the border of Spain, is isolated from the rest of Andorra and can only be reached by foot.  

The valley is a beautiful place to go hiking, especially in spring and autumn because of the rich colour palettes of nature. 

Most Beautiful Mountain Valleys. Madriu Perafita Claror Valley Andorra

Comapedrosa Valley National Park

Comapedrosa Valley National Park is Andorra´s highest peak, which gives the park its name. It covers a whopping 15.42km2 of the protected area, and it stands out for its enormous mountain scenery including forests, lakes, and waterfalls. There is a whole network of hiking routes and high mountains huts for many excursions to explore the local nature. 

In the summer, there are diverse guided excursions, and the park has a path which is for all ages and three huts, and also provides restaurant and lodging facilities during summer. In addition, there are routes on horseback. The natural park has plenty of viewpoints to take in the impressive landscape scenery, such as La Roca de la Sabina, which is 1900 meters high! 

If you are eager to find out more about Comapedrosa, we recommend you to visit the Comapedrosa Interpretation Center in Arinsal. Here, interesting information is given about the natural park. 

If you are worried about what season to go to the park, it is incredibly beautiful all year round. 

Most Beautiful Mountain Valleys. Comapedrosa Valley National Park, Andorra

Vall del Riu

The Vall del Riu valley is a place with great mountainous landscapes, being perfect when wanting to admire the views.  It includes the ‘estany gran’, one of the largest lakes in Andorra with 4 hectares.

Vall del Riu is a valley that has a distance of 7.1km, with a height level of +750m. For these reasons, the level of the valley is qualified as difficult.

When going hiking, The route starts by taking the road to els Plans after some stone houses with red windows (42° 34′ 55″,1° 38′ 0″). 

In this valley you´ll also find the Tibetan Bridge, Pont Tibetà Canillo, a must-visit attraction in the area offering incredible views from the walking bridge.

Most Beautiful Mountain Valleys. Vall Del Riu

Where to Stay During Your Valley Trips?

When staying in Andorra, hiking and trekking through one of the most beautiful mountain valleys in the country is a must-do when visiting. Combining peace, relaxation, mesmerizing nature, amazing views, and sport, going there is a great activity for all. 

From the KOKONO team, we hope to be part of your journey and to see you soon!

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