Àliga: the World Cup piste in El Tarter, Andorra

Àliga the World Cup Piste in El Tarter, Andorra

If you have ever wondered why the Grandvalira logo resembles a “X”, today we bring you the answer. 

When visiting the El Tarter sector, you can find the well-known Àliga slope. This slope is approved by the International Ski Federation FIS and has hosted on more than one occasion the Alpine ski World Cup.  

Its characteristics and the way it has been conditioned make it a unique location that offers an unforgettable experience for both skiers and spectators.

Piste Specifications

The Àguila slope is made up of two independent slopes that at one point intertwine with each other forming a big “X”. And yes, this is what gives meaning to the Grandvalira logo! 

Àliga SG

On one side we have the Àliga SG slope, which is the one that descends from right to left in the image and has the following characteristics:

Start: 2.320m Arrival: 1.720m Length: 2.208m Width: 60m Maximum slope: 56%.

Àliga S

On the other hand we have the Àliga SL track which is the one that descends from left to right in the image and that was recovered to be able to host the slalom trials. Its characteristics are as follows:

Start: 1.910m Arrival: 1.720m Length: 502m Width: 40m Maximum slope: 53%.

Àliga the World Cup Piste in El Tarter, Andorra Map Diverse Levels


Between 2012 and 2013 took place the remodeling and refurbishment of the Àguila track in which around 3 million euros were invested. During these years, trees were cut down to widen the track, a lateral protection net was installed, timing cables, an artificial snow production network, and a public address system, among others. These changes allowed it to meet the conditions that made it an FIS-approved track and in 2014 the first downhill race in the Iberian Peninsula was held.

Àliga the World Cup Piste in El Tarter, Grandvalira Andorra

Events at the Àguila slope

The Àliga slope is a meeting place for lovers of snow sports where we can see the debut of the best athletes of the world skiing scene as Marcel Hirscher, Mikaela Shiffrin or Ingemar Stenmark.

Carolina Ruiz, one of the best Spanish skiers describes this place as: “The Àguila SG piste of Grandvalira is at the level of the best speed slopes in the world”.

Some of the events that have taken place in this emblematic place are:

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  • Year 2019 – FIS Alpine skiing World Cup Finals.
  • Year 2018 – Mític Àliga Race.
  • Year 2018 – Finals of the European Cup of alpine skiing.
  • Year 2018 – World speed skiing championship.
  • Year 2016 – Grandvalira Climbing Time Trial.
  • Year 2016 – Women’s World Cup.
  • Year 2015 – European Alpine Skiing Cup.

Àliga the World Cup Piste in El Tarter, Grandvalira, Andorra. Skiing Contest

In addition to being the Àliga slope, a magnificent place, in the Tarter there are plenty of dining options and equipment to enjoy skiing whatever your level. We recommend you to read our Tarter blog where you will find the best recommendations of what to do in this special area.

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Àliga the World Cup Piste in El Tarter, Andorra Kokono

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