Snowparks in Grandvalira, Andorra

Snowboarding & Freestyle Snowparks in Grandvalira

If you have made it to this blog post, you probably are one of those that loves adrenaline and always seeks new experiences. At KOKONO, we’re on the side that loves to take on adrenaline and do cool tricks on the board.

In the case that you have fun while skiing and snowboarding in the snow but maybe the slopes are just too easy for you and need something extra, then you should keep an eye on this post.

Get the most out of your trip to Grandvalira, and read about all the snowboard and freestyle snowparks that you can find when staying in Andorra.

Grandvalira’s different snowboards and freestyle snowparks at each sector of the ski resort that you can find are presented below.

El Tarter Sector

SnowPark El Tarter Coliflor Freestyle

Skiing is a great sport. Now imagine doing it in a freestyle way, as can be done in the El Tarter Coliflor Freestyle park.
The Coliflor Ski Park is a ski area built for everyone who likes speed and challenges. It offers different levels, and it includes a wide diversity of facilities that you can take on if you dare. For people who like to do something different and more extreme while skiing, this is the right place to go. Furthermore, the ski park organises multiple enjoyable events.

Ski Slopes and Ski Ramps of El Tarter Snowpark Coliflor Freestyle Grandvalira

What Facilities Will You Find in SnowPark El Tarter?

Modules |  Kickers |  Halfpipe Hills |  Diff. Levels |  Adrenaline Area

The Coliflor Freestyle and the Snowpark El Tarter can be found in El Tarter sector of the Grandvalira ski resort. In this sector you can find everything you will need for performing your best tricks on your skis or board including ski hire and snowboard rental options. It is a cute town and a popular destination with multiple restaurant options where to recover after a fun day on the slopes. The entrance of the park is at the El Tarter Ski station, and for the ones who come from far, it includes a parking station at Grandvalira Estació de Ski El Tarter, AD100 Canillo, Andorra.

Address: Estació de Ski El Tarter, AD100 Canillo, Andorra (get directions)

Opening hours: 9AM – 5.30PM

Snowboarder at Snowpark El Tarter Coliflor Freestyle Grandvalira

Grau Roig Sector

Sunrise Park Xavi Snowpark

The Grau Roig sector, in which Sunrise Park Xavi is located, has the most impressive views and is like heaven to people who enjoy ski freeriding. The Sunrise Park is connected with other two sectors, the Pas de la Casa and the Encamp, creating 32 miles of slopes in total.

Ski chalet, El Tarter by Kokono - living room with mountain view


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What Facilities Will You Find in Sunrise Park Xavi Snowpark?

Modules |  Kickers  |    Diff. Levels

The Sunrise Park Xavi has three lines for beginners, experts, and pros in the ski field. Each one has four kinds of tracks, and the pro slope has a jump, for people who like to go that extra mile. This snowpark is the best for beginners to get used to freestyle skiing and snowboarding. The ski park first opened in December 2019, and it has become the new fun sensation of the ski resort.

Address: Grau Roig, AD200 Canillo, Andorra (get directions)

Opening hours: 9AM – 5.30PM

Ski Slopes and Ski Ramps of The Sunrise Park Xavi in the Grau Roig Sector Grandvalira Andorra

Peretol Sector

Sunset Park Henrik Harlaut Snowpark

In the Peretol sector in Grandvalira, the Sunset Park Henrik Harlaut can be found. If you are a regular at doing tricks and freestyle skiing, make sure to practice your skills at night, when the sunset park sets light in the dark with artificial lights. It includes two lines of expertise, for intermediate and pro freeriders with several modules styles which will allow you to enjoy the night practising your best jumps.

Snowboarder doing a Trick on a Ski Ramp at the Sunset Park Henrik Harlaut Peretol Grau Roig Grandvalira Andorra

What Facilities Will You Find in Sunset Park Henrik Harlaut Snowpark?

Modules |  Kickers  |    Diff. Levels

It has a parking space for cars which is easily accessible, with The Sunset Park being open every afternoon. The ski park is located at Peretol sector which is in between the sectors of Soldeu and Grau Roig. You can get access to the beautiful slopes by entering next to the Pla de les Pedres chairlift, which is the longest chairlift in Andorra.

Address: Peretol, AD100 Canillo, Andorra (get directions)

Opening hours: 3.00PM – 9.00PM

Sunset Park Henrik Harlaut Peretol Freestyle Snowpark Grandvalira


Where to Stay When Skiing in Grandvalira?

If you enjoy sliding down the powder snow slopes of the Pyrenean mountains, take on adrenaline, new chances and would like to learn how to perform better your jumps, we encourage you to try practising freestyling at one of Grandvalira’s freestyle snowparks.

Andorra has so much to offer, incredible landscapes, to delicious restaurants, the best après ski bars, spa health resorts, and good shopping deals too.

What are you waiting for to plan your visit and stay in Andorra and relish the moment in Grandvalira!

From the KOKONO team, we are looking forward to welcoming you!


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