Andorra Wine Tourism & Vineyards

Andorra Wine Tourism & Vineyards

Andorra is not typically known as a wine country since the country only counts five vinyeards. However, the vineyards are inpo a good location,  since when staying in El Tarter, all are close. Furthermore, Andorra  is sandwiched between the main wine-producing countries such are France and Spain and specifically two great wine-producing regions, which are the Cava houses of Catalonia in Spain and the old vines of Languedoc in Southern France.

If you want to know more about the Vineyards of Andorra, then this is the right  blog for you. The five wineries mentioned earlier are displayed today, which are:

Does Andorra Produce Wine? 

Only few people would associate Andorra with wine. And yet, it would seem more than natural that the Principality would produce wine, if you consider some of the conditions for quality wine production. Here it has everything a wine country needs: the soils, the climate and the history, in other words: Andorra has got it all!

Casa Auvinyà

Casa Auvinyà is a vineyard in Sant Julià de Lòria, Andorra. It started its journey in 2005, driven by producing high-quality wines. Since this time, Casa Avinyà has worked on creating and producing wines that reflect the character of the earth where they come from. 

The vineyard is located at 1200m above sea level, with its vines planted on the left side of the winery. Casa Auvinyà Andorra produces delicious and authentic wines with a wide diversity of white and red grapes, to ensure that the products are within the sustainability criteria. 

The results from this are unique, elegant and great wines. The vineyard of Casa Auvinyà was awarded a gold medal at CERVIM in 2016, CERVIM is research, protection, coordination, and enhancement centre for mountain wine created by the International Organisation of Vine and Wine. 

Pricing per person: €€
Tour: Guided tour through the vineyards including a wine tasting
Address: D’Aubinyà, AD600 Sant Julià de Lòria (Get directions)
Booking in advance is a must and group sizes should be up to 10 people maximum.
Phone: +376 863 066

Vineyard Casa Auvinya Andorra

Borda Sabaté

Borda Sabaté winery began producing wine in 1944, and then Joan Canturri bought the land next to the right bank of the Valira river. Years later, grandson and great-grandson, the landscape and business started focusing on wines. 

The vineyards of Borda Sabaté are located in a romantic setting in the south of Andorra, on the slopes of Muxella. These unique surroundings are strategically chosen for, providing the vineyards with lots of sunlight and fresh air, which allows the grapes of the vine branches to get as much photosynthesis and therefore develop as much taste and richness. Furthermore, because of the high altitude, the grapes have greater acidity and more freshness. 

Pricing per person: €€
Tour: Explanation of the winemaking process during a guided tour including a ride in an all-terrain vehicle with a wine tasting afterwards.
Address: Crta. C.G.1 d’Espanya s/n , AD 600 Sant Julià de Lòria (Get directions)
Booking in advance is a must and group sizes should be up to 10 people maximum.
Phone: +376 814 900

Vineyard Borda Sabaté Andorra

Casa Beal 

Casa Beal is the name of the Visa-Tor family winery, which has been in the wine industry for more than a century. The winery was started up in 1988 and made its first wine two years later after replanting new wine stocks. Later in 2006, the Cim de Cel wine was launched. 

The location of the vineyard was at 1,050 and 1,100 metres above sea level, which are one of the few European vineyards that are at an altitude of over 1,000 metres. 

Casa Beal is busy with the application of diverse techniques to the vines according to the phases of the moon, to achieve a ripening which is well balanced between fruit and plant. 

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Casa Beal provides guided visits to the winery and the vineyards where Cim de Cel is produced, which is the first wine from the Principality of Andorra. The tour is an innovative tour, looked after by the Visa-Tor family, under the personal supervision of Vr. Visa. 

Pricing per person: €
Tour: A walk through the vines with explanations on the spot of all the other activities going on as well as the preparation of wine. Visit to the winery, on the same property including a tasting.
Address: Urb. les Caubelles, 21, AD600 Sant Julià de Lòria, Andorra (Get directions)
Booking in advance is a must!
Phone: +376 841 799

Vineyard Casa Beal Andorra

Celler Mas Berenguer

Celler Mas Berenguer dates back from 1638. The first owner of the wine house is Mr. Berenguer, who gave his name to the house. After, Fernando Moragas Ubach had purchased Mas Berenguer, and currently, the owners are the fifth generation. 

Now, the winery has a Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Sauvignon Blanc grape variety in making its wines, now “Tancat Rocafort” and a Blanc de Blancs, a Brut Nature Rose and the “Cortó Carlemany”. 

Besides being a winery, Mas Berenguer has settings for weddings and other celebrations. You can do wedding ceremonies in the Romanesque church of the XII century San Andreu Samalús, but for civil weddings, the garden is the most magical place. For indoor events, there are two rooms with direct access to the garden, with a capacity of 150 and 30 people. 

In addition, at Mas Berenguer itself or in the surroundings, there is a wide variety of both indoor- and outdoor activities, such as padel, ping pong, boules, swimming, billiards, table games, and football, and there is a playground. 

For accommodation, the base price per person per night is 27.50 euros, but the prices can vary a bit depending on the season. The minimum stay will be two nights. The minimum occupancy is 16 people and the maximum occupancy is 33 people. 

Pricing per person: €€
Tour: Guided tour through the vineyards including a wine tasting.
Other offerings: accommodation & event location
Address: Carretera de Fontaneda, AD600 Sant Julià de Lòria, Andorra (Get directions)
Booking in advance is a must!
Phone: +376 863 066

Vineyard Celler Mas Berenguer

Casus Belli

Casus Belli provides you with tall wines, with the vineyards located in Ordino. The vineyards are between 1,240 and 1,322 metres and are the highest in the Principality of Andorra, where the air of the mountains is pure and where the sun is near. 

In 2020, the Ordino Valley was declared a biosphere reserve by UNESCO, which is a badge that values space with the conservation of natural heritage and nature activities. 

The first harvest of bottles was in 2015, with 720 bottles, which makes Casus Belli an exclusive product. Now, the wines presented are a Pinot Noir 2015, Pinot Noir 2016, Pinot Noir 2017, Pinot Noir Chardonnay 2015,  Blanc de Noir 2015, Blanc the Noir 2016, and a Terra Negra 2015.

Pricing per person: €€
Offerings: wine tasting with explanation per wine & wine shopping
Address: Finca de l’Any de la Part Ordino (Get directions)
Phone: +376 874 050

Vineyard Casus Belli

Where to Stay During Your Vineyard Visiting Trip?

After reading the information about the five vineyards in Andorra, you must be wondering about a place to stay. When staying in El Tarter, all vineyards are not even 26 kilometres away! 

From the KOKONO Rentals team, we hope you have informed you enough about the vineyards of Andorra and be part of your stay! 



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